Maintain YOUR Change*

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Your Keys to Pursuing Your TRUE Mission (Instead of Letting Anxiety and Overwhelm Getting the Best of You)

Using Keys to Unlock Constructive Thoughts&Behaviors

In this video series, we're going to share what to put in place so that you get to do AND MAINTAIN what you desire (e.g., maintain a healthy weight, overcome people pleasing and high blood pressure, or letting go of betrayal wounds). So that you know: there are proven strategies (AKA keys) to maintain what you set out to do - not just now, but in the long-term. 


Your Success At Your Fingertips

So much of success can come down to choosing a "game plan" to eliminate overwhelm and difficulties to pursue what YOU TRULY want to be up to (even if you have already tried to come up with resolutions and change seems impossible).


Burnout Is Reversible- But Requires Your Attention

With more and more opportunities coming along for you (and your family members),  demands on your time, energy, and resources are only going to increase. Replenish yourself in our closed Facebook THRIVE group with Dr. Sibylle and her Leadership Practice team.


YOUR Sneak Preview of What's Ahead

Every day, people are searching for your knowledge, your experience, and what you have to offer. It's time to hone in on your TRUE mission so that what you have to offer can have the impact you desire.

PREVIEW Your Tools To Conquer Your TRUE Mission - Module 1 of 5

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